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Ep 9 Ramadhan Bazaar with Wolfpac

For this year's ramadhan bazaar over at Kampong Glam, #Glameid2023 and Geylang Bazaar, Wolfpac was in-charge of the photos and videos that were professional taken, and posted on Instagram.

The bazaar took place for 5 weeks straights starting from 15th of March to 16th April for Kampong Glam Bazaar, and 17th March to 21st April for Geylang Bazaar. It was a hectic 5 weeks, rushing to and fro, in order to get all the shots needed for both bazaars. It is no surprise that both bazaars had a large crowd, every single day, non-stop, and that gave us a lot of content to capture. Seeing happy faces all around from just queuing for food, waiting for break fast, and especially the faces of the crowd who was watching the performances, it motivated us more throughout the shoot.

It was no surprise that both bazaars had very prominent guests attending and popular artistes performing. Rian D'Massiv was at #Glameid2023 for a talk show a solo performance, whereas inspirational Muslim talks done by Ustaz Nuzhan and Ustazah Shameem Sultanah, similarly for Don Jany together with Ustaz Mizi Wahid as well. Prominent guests like Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Dr Maliki Osman, Mayor Denise Phua, and the list goes on! It was an honour having all the Guest of Honours and artistes to join us at the bazaar as we get to capture all these significant moments of the bazaar.

Geylang Bazaar was also a great success ! There were even pony rides, archery, arcade sections, alongside the retail booths filled with so many pretty Baju Raya! There were even mezzanine seating areas too, and more people could dine at the bazaar. It was super convenient for muslims to carry out their obligations - praying at the musollahs available at the bazaar. Don't get me started on the food and drinks booths because there were so many businesses around, ranging from small to big, from start up to known brands, it felt like everyone was coming together for this special occasion !

A big thank you to Enniche for giving us the opportunity to provide our media services for the bazaar ! We express out utmost gratitude to be part of Kampong Gelam & Geylang Bazaar 2023 !

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