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EP 7 Why Shoot RAW?

Updated: May 8

Last but not least, we have RAW files! This is a common file format where us shooters shoot our images. Why?

Here's why:

Raw files consist of uncompressed and unprocessed image data, and this helps photographers to capture every little detail they they see on the viewfinder. With this being said, you can expect your file format to store the largest amount of detail as compared to other raster file types. Afterwards, photographers can tweak the exposure, colour balance and so on, before compressing and converting to any file types.

Advantages of RAW files

  • YOU'RE In Control & It Is VERY Detailed

Raw file images contains more details as compared to pictures from other raster images files. This gives the editor more options in editing the photos.

  • Variety of colour range

Raw file images contains more colours than JPEG files & increased in RGB tonal values.

  • Lossless compression

You don't have to worry about the quality of your images in RAW format as it would not be compressed.

Disadvantages of Raw files

  • Large Size

The size of the file may need additional storage space from both camera and computer

  • Slowers your speed in work

Due to the fact that RAW files are huge, and you would need at least 2 files - Original RAW file & Converted Raster file, it can take longer to work.

So, are you ready to shoot in RAW?

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