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Ep 4 Your Common Shots Can Be Taken At The Most Uncommon Spots: Wait- Hear me out.

Aside from renting a studio to capture all the planned out shots, a little challenge could inspire you to do more. We all know the common shots, for example, the stretch along Haji Lane, the big stairs outside of National Gallery Singapore, and taking a picture with Merlion. No doubt, all of these help produce such beautiful shots.

But... what if we give just a tiny extra bit of places that has never crossed your mind, but you could still take such pulchritudinous shots? Take these shots from our PUMA X HARRIS X ZAHRA as an example;


These were taken in the toilet, and the cargo lift. What a weird location to take some shots, right? Our team played around with the lights, angles, and then proceed to post-processing to get such results! Anyways, here's 3 other locations which you could think of for your photoshoots:

1. Multi-storey carpark

These shots are taken at a multi-storey carpark. Look at how we even played with lines in the second shot! One would not have expected to take their shots at a carpark because there's really nothing fancy about doing their WEDDING photoshoots there, but it does adds a fun element into it!

2. White Wall/Background

Still no ideas? Let's go back to simplicity - white walls.

Ew, white walls are so plain!

Yes, I agree but with white walls the subject IS the focus, instead of having unnecessary corners, other objects around, and even complicated backgrounds.

Usually, with plain white walls, we focus on the details!

White isn't boring, it brings out your endless creativity.

3. Factory or Warehouse

Last but not least, the most unexpected and not very aesthetic place you could every think of - Factory or Warehouse. Yes, you read it right. This is a challenge for photographers to take wedding shots but when one plays with the different elements available there, the photos could potentially turn out great.

Just like our talented photographer here, using the reflection of the puddle to take a lovable picture of the newlywed couple. All of these comes into play when you lack the resources because you'll realise that a photo is more than just props. Although a 'good' photo is subjective, to us, a good photo is when we are able to capture significant moments of the couple, be it a candid, or a planned shot. When one sees the photo, they are able to feel the sentimental value of it and when you've achieved that, you know that you did a good job in showcasing their love for each other in this special occasion.

Also, who would have thought that a fire hose, a random hanger, and a bunch of plants at the back could fit nicely into a beautiful picture of the bride? Colours, framing and knowing what to focus on is crucial in this picture.

So, if you can't find an empty white wall, an inordinate BACKground works wonders too.

All in all, play around with what you have and don't limit yourself. We stop ourselves from doing more than what we can do because of our perceived beliefs in the type of restrictions we set.

The only limits we have are the limits you believe

- Wayne Dyer

Break YOUR boundaries, our dear readers.

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