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Ep 3 Is It Really Important to ALWAYS Have Stabilised Shots? : Videography Tips

In this episode, we will learn the basics of videography for all the aspiring videographers out there.

Know your audience

It is of utmost importance for you to study your audience. When you understand the type of audience you're targeting, you'll know how to edit the video

according to what attracts them the most. Why?

Because you're able to speak their language.

When you can speak their language, you'll know what is good for their wedding shots as well. You'll be able to plan on their locations, poses, time and it'll be

very efficient for you to film all the shots!

Good shots is not equivalent to non-shaky shots

Not all shots have to be stable and focused for it to be good shots. There's this common misconception that when the clip is otherwise, the video is

immediately unsatisfactory.

In this video shot by Wolfpac Weddings, we directed the shot to be as such so as to conserve the raw feel with a touch of finesse.

It also shows the reality of handling a camera, that aside from having tools for stabilisation like a gimble, a shaky shot may also enhance

the quality of the video.

Also, I caught you smiling while watching the video, especially at the very start.

Don't always cut the video according to the beat of the music

Although it is aesthetically more pleasing to the eyes when we trim videos according to the beat of the BGM, we can still incorporate other form of

editing techniques that doesn't require us to do so. For example, slow

motion shots, and choppy film shots that can be converted into

looking like old films.

Find your style.

Look at this video we took of Lion City Sailors, it has slow motion shots

which meliorate the intensity of the shots and narration.

Always have a systematic workflow

When you are organised with your work, it'll be a lot easier for you to toggle through each video in your workspace without getting confused.

Especially, if you have tons of videos or one shot 1-hour video

with multiple camera angles. Sounds tough, right? That's

why having a systematic workflow that suits you best

would help you complete your work in the most

efficient way.

For example, putting all your shots on premiere pro into a bin named 'Media',

and your background music into a bin named 'BGM'. This would make

your workflow a lot organised and productive.


At the end of the day, find your style of shooting and editing but ensure that the videographer and the editor is in sync because conflicting ideas will affect the process and outcome of the video.

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