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"BUT THEY'RE ALL YOUR COMPETITORS!" Ep. 2 : I beg to differ.

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Being in a media industry in Singapore, it is really challenging because the industry here is small. It is completely normal to have this mindset that everyone is your competitor, and with this motivation, you'll work harder and grow.

Sorry not sorry but we have to survive in this industry. How?

We make connections, and even friends.

Coming Soon: Joining The Pack

In a business mentality, seeing other production companies as competitors could be a form of drive to grow the company, especially in this dog-eat-dog world. Don't get me wrong, this is good, but in order to flourish, you need to learn from others too. Forging friendships with the people from other companies in the same industry is beneficial for your company.

In other words, sharing is caring. Don't hog your knowledge to yourself, you'll remain stagnant. Share your knowledge to other companies and don't be afraid to ask them to teach you on certain stuff that you're unaware of, that could help your company too.

Besides, when you teach them something new, you're refreshing your mind on it too, and with the knowledge that they impart to you, it enhances your skillset. It's a win-win situation!

Wolfpac understands that our neighbouring brands are also struggling through their own battles, so we help them out. It doesn't hurt to be kind, right?

Wolfpac Productions has worked together with many other media production company. In one of a recent showcases organised by Colossal Weddings, Wolfpac Weddings ( was part of it, together with a few other media production companies like AIDU. We put up some of our best works, and affordable packages there! Some other media production companies we'd like to mention is NAFImages, Rocket Vows, Goodman Weddings, and Red Tape Projects. All of these companies have their own unique brand colours and they only give the best to their clients. All in all, it was such a fun experience, sharing our journey in the industry.

In our recent series, we worked together with Chasing Vows. This series focuses on honing the skills of these inspiring photographers and videographers. Interested to know more? Stay tuned:

[October 2022] Joining The Pack

Care to join us?

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