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JPG, pronounced as 'J-PEG' is an acronym for Just Playing Guys. The term JPG emits a fun, and collaborative entry, which consist of a group of go-getters who are as equally motivated and adventurous.

Who? We have Hyrul Anuar, Farzana M. Noor, Eric Razali, Norshafiq Ridzwan, Asraf Amin, and Amirah Yahya!

A digital platform of not just purely for entertainment but also inculcate appreciation towards our language and heritage that plays a big role in elevating our community's sense of belonging. 

With three different segments currently - Kaki Makan, Mic Check, and Don't Wayang, JPG touches on the varying point of interest that many would have. Taking inspirations from other successful platforms, it is rare to find a Malay YouTube channel that films segments like reviews, funny hands-on contents, all of these which triggers our audience to be on their toes too! 


You've heard of podcasts, right? So, why not let JPG take it to the next level and bring you on this journey with them!

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